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Lyconet has long been aware of the huge potential offered by network marketing and offers its Marketers the unique opportunity to establish an international career by creating their own shopping network. Millions of people have already managed to establish an additional income with network marketing and have fulfilled their lifelong dream of becoming financially independent. Are you next?


Cashback World/Lyconet enables you to run your own customer loyalty program. You acquire new Members for the international Shopping Community Cashback World and thereby establish a personal and lucrative shopping network. Cashback World Partner Selling Cashback World’s tailored customer loyalty programs is one of the Lyconet Marketer’s key tasks and is the perfect opportunity to expand their own shopping network. Thanks to innovative products, merchants of every size can become a part of the Cashback World Shopping Community and can easily and inexpensively obtain new customers and support existing ones.


To boost the productivity of your network even more, you will have the opportunity to recruit new Lyconet Marketers into your team who, in turn, can get customers and Loyalty Merchants to join Cashback World and thus establish their own network.
-Unique career opportunities
-Professional tools and services
-Comprehensive training via the Lyconet Academy
-Efficient support in all areas

​Earnings Plan
Establishing your own sustainable shopping network forms the basis of a Lyconet Marketer’s long-term success.
Purchases made by Members of the Shopping Community and the activities of other Marketers within this network generate Shopping Points that are evaluated for the Marketer.
The Lyconet Earnings Plan provides a detailed overview of all earnings generated through these Shopping Points.

Code of Ethics
As one of the global leaders in network marketing, Lyconet carries great responsibility when it comes to dealing with its business partners and always follows the principles of integrity, honesty and fairness. The same values should also apply to each and every Lyconet Marketer. The Code of Ethics therefore incorporates a number of values that the Marketers must adhere to.

The Enterprise Program

Thanks to the outstanding sales activities of all Lyconet Marketers, the myWorld group of companies is able to combine even more Members and Loyalty Merchants in the Cashback World Shopping Community and can thus quickly, and more importantly, efficiently implement the rollout of new products.
With the Enterprise Program, a unique incentive program for active Marketers has been created, that allows them to permanently partake in the myWorld group of companies’ success.