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First founded back in 2003, the myWorld become a successful an international Shopping Community and one of the world’s leading providers of customer and fan loyalty programmes. myWorld is currently represented in 54 different countries around the world right now, forming an international network of around 15 million Members and 150,000 Loyalty Merchants.

The cashback World turns shopping into an experience. It offers shoppers from every corner of the globe the opportunity to save money on the day-to-day purchases. A professional customer loyalty programme has been set up and encompasses large chain stores, SME partners and online retailers from all over the world.

Lyconet Marketers play a vital role in our economic success. In a bid to better respond to the needs of an international shopping network, all network marketing activities are consolidated under the Lyconet brand. This led to the enhancement of the Company services in the field of the Shopping Community and the customer loyalty programme under the cashback World and Cashback Solutions.

The company then underwent extensive restructuring: myWorld Holdings Ltd. now serves as the umbrella company for a huge range of famous brands and successful businesses.
This portfolio currently includes the social life app, eyetime, and the business’ own think tank, 360 Lab, the myWorld Media Group and its subsidiary companies, mediaWorld productions, sportsWorld and eventWorld.

Lyconet also created two structures namely the Child & Family Foundation and Greenfinity Foundation that allow it to support projects aimed at solving the global challenge of poverty and global warming.

Last but not least,, the online marketplace for the myWorld group of companies, is opening up a new dimension within the world of shopping.

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